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We’re a private community of next-generation brand marketing leaders.

The Publicity, in Publicity Theory, reflects our common goal to organically build best-in-class brands, and Theory is a nod to our shared belief in the power of community.

Our mission is to create a space where brand marketers, like you, can build brands (and your careers), together.

Here you’ll:

⚡   Grow your career alongside leading consumer brand marketers.

🔥   Get answers to your burning questions (community engagement, PR/influencer campaigns, career moves etc).

✉️   Enjoy invites to digital & IRL events (brand circles, fireside chats, panels, and meetups).


Our members:

✨   Hold senior-level brand marketing roles overseeing organic growth channels.

🛍️   Work for consumer brands in the fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle space.

🌿   Focus on intentional marketing, aka branding over hacks, engagement over followers, and resonance over reach.

      Join us for: 

      🧭   Intimate circles with fellow brand marketing leaders, apply to join here.

      ✏️   One-on-one strategy sessions to tackle your most pressing challenges, learn more.

      💎   Access to exclusive events, resources & insights, subscribe below.

      Look forward to building, together! 


      Dara Elliott | Publicist, Brand Strategist, FounderDara Elliott | Publicist, Brand Strategist, Founder 

      @darabelliott  |  @publicitytheory