Branding FAQs

As both a former brand founder and in-house marketer, I know what it's like to see a brand from an internal lens. 

Between the blind spots and the curse of knowledge, you often need someone to reflect a mirror on your brand and show you what the world actually sees. 

To do this, it helps to with work with an external partner.

The question is should you hire a brand coach, a brand strategist, a brand designer, or a marketing consultant?

Below I dig into the specifics of each role, so you know who to partner with, and when.

What does a brand coach do?

When you don't know what your brand stands for, or the direction to take your brand, it's time to work with a brand coach.

Because the best brands are built from the inside out, a brand coach will guide you inward to uncover your brand compass. 

This compass consists of your guiding principles:

    • Stories (origin story, pivotal moments, perspectives)
    • Core Values (beliefs)
    • Purpose (reason for existing)
    • Mission (point of differentiation)
    • Vision (goals)

Coaching facilitates self-discovery and gets to the root of what drives you. A brand coach will uncover what makes you, you, so your brand can be a true expression of your purpose. 

With this compass, you'll have the clarity to know what aligned steps to take next. And you'll create a brand that will emotionally resonate with those who connect with your purpose.

Trained as a Co-Active Coach® by the Coaches Training Institute®, I integrate proven coaching methodologies in my brand strategy work.

What does a brand strategist do?

Once you know what your brand stands for, a brand strategist will help you evoke emotional connection through verbal expression. 

Brand strategy is the disciplined process of building a compelling and cohesive brand through:

    • Cultural Landscape (underlying themes, trends, market conditions)
    • Brand Archetypes (consumer target, tone of voice, key adjectives etc.)
    • Niche Positioning (partnerships, associations)
    • Content Pillars (relevant, resonant content ideas)

With these elements in place, you'll have a strategic communications guide to outwardly express what your brand stands for.

With over 10 years of experience building brands, brand strategy is my specialty.

What does a brand designer do?

When it comes to the brand identity and the visual expression of a brand, it's time to work with a brand designer or brand stylist.

To ensure consistency and reduce back and forth, engage a brand designer only after you've worked with a brand strategist to hone in on your communication guidelines and guiding principles.

Based on your brand strategy work, a brand designer will create a cohesive visual style guide to bring your brand to life. 

Brand identity design is the creative process of building a brand, it consists of tangible elements like:

    • Moodboard
    • Logos
    • Fonts
    • Color Schemes
    • Accents/Textures
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Design
    • Photography
    • Social Media Content 

Brand identity design is evoking emotional connection through visual expression. 

While I don't offer brand design work, I'll be there to coach you through the process to ensure all elements of your brand are aligned. 

What does a marketing consultant do?

The key difference between a brand strategist and a marketing consultant is a brand strategist focuses on the macro, long-term view of your brand. A marketing consultant focuses on micro, short-term tactics. They're executors who are responsible for tangible deliverables.

Typically, marketing consultants are subject matter experts in a specific area of marketing:

    • Copywriting
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Influencer/Brand Partnerships
    • Digital Advertising

If you want to build an enduring brand, it's critical to work with a brand strategist before hiring a marketing consultant to execute.

Brand strategist takes a brand from a commodity product to a meaningful brand that resonates on an emotional level. We're living in a purpose economy, brand strategy is more important than ever before.  

To partner up on brand strategy and coaching, learn more here